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So you have your blog set up, what next?  It’s the numbers game.  Just like any other site you must market it.  This includes a number of things. The first is a continued update of the main articles for this website to make it more interesting to those who came to it originally.   Even though the comments people have been putting on the site have been keeping the ratings up, new articles will boost it even higher.   After new articles have been added, the website can be submitted to as many search engines as ur willing to go through at this address (cut and paste both lines): http://dir.yahoo.com/Computers_and_Internet/Internet/World_Wide_Web/
This will give you a directory of sites to submit your site to and over night there will be all sorts of bots scrubbing your site looking for your new material and adding it to your search profile.
Part of marketing is done by those who actually come and comment on your site. Your terms left becomes keywords the bots look at and that is added to the searchable data.  People will want come here that way and because you have come here and they will bookmark the site and come back in the future.  Only the ones that came from the searched data are considered unique visitors.   It is not the first time they have been there and the site knows that.  The site keeps track of this.   On any given day, there this site is now generating between 300 to 700 unique visitors daily.  Then there are the direct visitors.  “I heard about this site from my brother and had to check it out…”  These have only one reference that sent them and it’s really untraceable by the site.   Then there are other numbers that affect your site, bots and so forth.   All of these increase your website’s ranking in the search engines.  Much much more information is available on this subject, I have just scratched the surface, so search the internet and you might stumble across a site like mine on marketing!  Good Luck


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