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Many requests have come in about how to actually go about the footwork of creating your own blog.  There are some things you the individual need to consider before you dive in to this as a project. Knowledge; of the topic your writing about.  If you don’t know what you’re talking about, they’ll spot you right away. Audience; is there an interested group of people out there that want to listen to your blog and contribute to it? Budget; just how much are you willing to spend on this? Time; how many hours do you want to put into it?

Knowledge. This has to be brought into play when making you decision as to what topic the blog will be on.  You must be knowledgeable about the topic to answer questions or point people at the correct research.

Plan it out.  Find your niche. Well, that’s easier said than done isn’t it! Brainstorm! Put down on paper at least 5 things that you would like to talk about.  Then look at them and cross off the ones that are your least favorite. That will narrow your list down to just a few.  From that, pick a keyword from it.  For instance if one of you ideas is rare books, you might want to use 'book collectors'.  Try to come up with as many ideas about keywords as you can for each idea. Do the same for each one and Google has a tool called Google Adwords Find Keywords.  I will give you the link in a second.  It's free to use, you don't need a google account to use it i think, but I know with an account it gives you much more information.  You can create an account at any time, it free and easy to do so. You’re looking for one idea that responds well to all the keywords you have generated. That is, using all the keywords for each idea, all the keywords that had the highest numbers and the ones that it found also had the highest numbers should decide which idea to use as your niche. Now you’ve found your niche.

Google Adwords Find Kewords link:

Audience. When reviewing your keywords, you should have seen which ones were popular and which ones weren’t. You can look for them in just the US, or you can look worldwide.  Do you want to search in English only?  You can sort the results by Competition, Global Monthly Searches or Local Monthly Searches.  This will give you an idea which ones come to the top rapidly.

Pick your host provider;

OK, Budget.

1                                            I’ve got no money. :(  Google offers free blog sites, but they are limited in size and scope.  You can only use their software and setup.  You have no control over what it will be called other than it will have your name in the DSN someplace. There will also be ads on it as well, after all their going to make money off you if they can!   There are also plenty of other places to do the same thing, some offering better, some offering less.  Just do a Google on free blog and see what you get!

2                                            I have a little money, but still don’t know what to do…  Well if you plan on really trying to making a go at it; I hope you’ve checked out the three links I put in to rate and compare host providers.  If you’re on a shoe-string budget, month to month is the best for you on the hosting aspect.  If you have more money, hosting on longer terms gets you a cheaper per month cost, but you are then committed to a longer presence.   In any situation, you will need a domain name.  Pick one that goes along with the theme of your blog. is a popular site for domain registrations, although any of the hosts you find in those lists can help you with that as well.

3 I have plenty of money to do this project.  Plan it out.  You have your niche. Research which host provider you want to pick for their services and for how long you want their services. 4.95 a month, 6.95 a month or 9.95 a month is very deceptive.  If you really want to do it right, there are other charges too that add up rapidly.  I pay 2 years for my site with security and a few other bells and whistles and it costs me just over $200 every year.  The longer the term the better off you are, you lock in your fees at the current rate.

Time. Once it’s setup, are you going to put in 1 hour a week?  6 Hours a week? 1 hour a day? 10 minutes a day?  Just check in, say something and move on?  Check it once on the weekend?  It’s up to you..  It will affect your readership even with good articles.  The more time you put into it the more your audience will grow.  Once it has grown to a certain point, then it goes viral and you can put less time into it, but you still need to put time into it.

I’m going to put a plug in for the software I’m using right here, b2evolution, its free and can be downloaded from .  You have to be able to run PHP + MySQL to use it.   Wordpress is also a free software and it can be downloaded from . I have to admit, this webmaster does not have any experience with that product, but has heard many good things about it.  I have found that there are a lot of tool and plug-in and widgets’ available for it that I could not use in b2evolution that I wish I could have.

Best of luck and happy blogging!


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